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There are many causes of a vehicle-pedestrian accident

As a pedestrian, you know one thing to be true: You have to keep your eyes out for danger at all times. This can mean many things, including drivers that aren’t always paying attention to the road.

There are many causes of a vehicle-pedestrian accident, including but not limited to:

— Distracted driving.

— Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

— Speeding.

— Neglecting to stop at a stop sign or traffic light.

— Failing to yield to pedestrian, such as in a crosswalk.

— Disregarding weather conditions.

— Reckless driving.

As a pedestrian, you can do several things to help prevent a serious accident. For example, don’t cross the road unless you’re in a designated crosswalk. Along with this, look both ways before you take your first step off the curb.

If you are involved in an accident with a vehicle, it’s imperative to receive immediate medical attention. Since you don’t have any protection, there’s a good chance that you’ve suffered a serious injury.

Your medical team can examine you for injuries, provide a diagnosis and help you implement a treatment plan that will get you back on track in the future.

Once you feel up to it, it’s time to learn more about the cause of your accident. This typically means finding out why the driver struck you. If you come to the conclusion that the driver acted in a negligent manner, such as by speeding through a stop sign, you may be able to take action that allows you to receive compensation for your injuries and other damages.

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