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Advanced safety features to reduce car and truck accidents

One of the best things about living in a modern world is technology. Not only does it assist with the daily lives of all Americans, it can keep people safe. Commercial trucks, in particular, create many hazards on Illinois roadways, but if the right safety technology is installed in your vehicle, you might be able to avoid a car or truck accident. Even better, this tech could improve your chances of survival if an accident does happen.

You probably already know about of some of the most important vehicle safety features such as those listed below.

— Air bags: These protect your head in the event of a powerful impact or collision.

— Anti-lock brakes: This kind of system prevents the brakes from locking, helping drivers steer better in a crisis.

— Self-parking: Automatic parallel parking systems can reduce the risk of having a traffic accident while parking.

Most motor vehicles already contain these safety features. In fact, you would have to buy a pretty old used car to miss out on these systems, which have been shown to help motorists avoid car and truck accidents and to help survive them if they do occur. Now, many motor vehicles have even more advanced safety systems. Some of the features these cars contain include:

— Forward collision warning

— Blind spot warning combined with rear-cross traffic alert

— Back-up cameras

— Lane-departure warning bundled with lane-keep assist

Why are modern safety features so important? Well, you cannot control the driving habits of negligent motorists. The most you can do is remain alert to danger and make use of the advancements in vehicle manufacturing. After a car or truck accident, you can help deter future negligent driving by holding the responsible parties accountable for your injuries through the Illinois legal system.

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