What are an employer’s duties regarding workers’ compensation?

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March 27, 2017

If you have suffered an injury in your Illinois workplace, you know that worker’s compensation helps keep you financially stable during your recovery. However, since your question centers on an employer’s duties, it is clear that you still have a lot to learn.

By law, employers have certain responsibilities to fulfill within the workers’ compensation system. The first and most basic duty is to provide workers’ compensation insurance. Failure to do so can result in several penalties including fines and criminal prosecution. To help you learn more about how the workers’ compensation system works, browse the following list of basic duties all employers must fulfill.

— Ensure that a notice is posted conspicuously detailing the employer’s compliance with Illinois workers’ compensation laws.

— If an accident resulting in injury occurs, employers must provide immediate emergency assistance.

— Provide additional information about the injured worker if the workers’ compensation boards requests such information.

— As soon as possible, employers must complete and send a report detailing the incident to the closest workers’ compensation office.

— Provide additional medical treatment to the injured worker if he or she is unable to do so or if it is requested in writing.

— Keep accurate records of all workplace injuries and accidents resulting in missed work or medical treatment.

You should also understand that the workers’ compensation system strictly prohibits employers from retaliating or discriminating against injured workers who file a claim. For example, if an injured worker is fired from his or her job for no real reason, it could be deemed “retaliatory discharge,” which opens the door for the worker to take legal action.

If you are experiencing difficulties filing a workers’ compensation claim, it is wise to take your case to an experienced attorney. This can ensure that you remain protected while you seek a remedy for your workplace injury.

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