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Representation when litigating an auto-pedestrian accident

Unfortunately, many auto-pedestrian accidents occur in Peoria County. The consequences are often devastating, leaving victims with severe, life-changing injuries. In some cases, auto-pedestrian accidents can even lead to death. This is especially so if an automobile traveling at a high rate of speed strikes a pedestrian.

In addition to the physical trauma that often accompanies pedestrian accidents, victims face crippling financial hardships. The cost of medical care and ongoing treatment soon empties even the fattest bank accounts. Victims may also lose time at work either temporarily or permanently, depending upon the severity of their injuries. This loss of income can only add to the financial hardships accident victims experience.

What this means is a complete change of lifestyle, sometimes accompanied by permanent disability. In our legal practice, we have seen how an auto-pedestrian accident can change a person’s life forever. While we have helped many victims seek and find the compensation they need to recover, we know that many other victims languish in pain and suffering.

We hope that our neighbors in Illinois who have suffered injuries in an auto-pedestrian accident will seek legal assistance. Doing so can greatly improve the chances of acquiring maximum compensation, particularly when a negligent driver is at fault. As personal injury lawyers with a history of successful litigation, we know that the law is often on your side. It is why we typically counsel accident victims to pursue a legal remedy.

We urge you to find out more about auto-pedestrian accidents and the ways in which a personal injury attorney can help. A great place to start is on our accident-focused web pages and in our legal blog.