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School bus-box truck accident caused by student argument

Some say it takes nerves of steel to transport children to school and back safely. School bus operators face many distractions, both inside the vehicle and out on the road.

Most of the time, Illinois parents applaud and appreciate these individuals for taking care of their children on the way to and from school. However, just one simple lapse in concentration can turn the tables for everyone.

A recent commercial vehicle accident involving a school bus and a box truck reveals just how tragic a distraction behind the wheel can be. The incident happened just before 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

Reports indicate that two students were arguing over a cellphone before boarding the bus. The driver instructed the students to separate and sit down. Later, the argument continued causing the driver of the bus to become distracted, according to the Mascoutah Superintendent.

At some point during this confusion, the bus driver took his eyes from the road to “see exactly what was going on” and collided with a delivery box truck. The bus held 23 students in addition to the driver. Ten of the students were taken to the hospital merely as a precaution, but none of the students suffered visible injuries, according to reports.

Unfortunately, the 47-year-old box truck driver had to be extracted from his vehicle and was rushed via helicopter to a hospital.

Commercial vehicle accidents come in all sizes and shapes, but it is safe to say that when the vehicles are large, injuries are to be expected.

It is unclear whether the bus driver will face disciplinary action or whether he can be found at fault in any potential personal injury actions. It would be wise for the truck driver and any other injured parties to seek counsel from a legal professional.

Source:, “Argument on school bus led to crash in Metro East,” Timothy Godfrey, April 25, 2017