Get up from your desk chair and live longer

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May 8, 2017

Of all the injuries that can lead to a workers’ compensation claim, those incurred in an office environment are often the most overlooked. These injuries do not appear to be life threatening. Most people consider them to be annoying at worst. Here are some of the most common office-related workplace injuries, according to eMedicine Health:

— Carpal tunnel or repetitive motion syndrome

— Bursitis or inflammation near the joints

— Injury or inflammation of tendons

— Muscle strains, typically affecting the shoulders, neck and back

You probably already know that workers’ compensation can provide you with much-needed benefits if you suffer from workplace injuries. What you might not know is that working a desk job could actually shorten your lifespan. According to the Scientific American website, several studies have revealed that the side effects of working at a desk can lead to life-threatening conditions. These include obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Even when office workers do not contract a life-threatening illness, the sedentary lifestyle they live may still impact their health. Lack of exercise combined with poor eating habits and repetitive motion can result in illnesses that take them away from their jobs.Workers’ compensation is available for these periods of missed work, but a better approach is preventing the conditions from arising in the workplace.

As attorneys, we do a great deal of our work while sitting, which means that we are not immune to office injuries or illnesses. We like to use our experience in this area to tell other desk workers to get up and move around from time to time. This way, you may never need to file a workers’ compensation claim. Please see our website for additional information if you have been injured because of your job.