Illinois commercial vehicle accidents and black boxes

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May 22, 2017

You probably already know all about how “black box” data can aid in airplane accident investigations. What you might not know is that all types of vehicles have similar black boxes. Most modern commercial vehicles have at least some type of device to record electronic data. The actual moniker used to refer to these computerized devices is ECM (electronic engine control module) and the information they contain might help with a commercial vehicle accident investigation.

When data from a commercial vehicle’s ECM is correctly gathered, it can reveal valuable information about how the truck was operating at the time of the commercial vehicle accident. For example, an ECM can reveal how fast the truck was moving when the crash occurred and whether the driver had applied the brakes. These devices can also provide the vehicle position history as well as information about the trucks history of diagnostic issues.

Unfortunately, not just anyone can download the data contained in an ECM. In order to make certain the data is not corrupted or accidentally erased, only an expert should attempt to retrieve the information. Further, it often takes someone with expertise to analyze and interpret this data and compare it with physical data gathered at the scene.

Personal injury attorneys often work with a large network of experts that can gather and accurately interpret data from commercial vehicle accident. Choosing an Illinois lawyer prepared to explore all options to uncover the responsible party will help your case significantly. In turn, you will have a greater chance of obtaining the maximum compensation you need to carry on with your life.

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