What options are available if an uninsured driver hit my car?

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June 20, 2017

Unfortunately, car accidents happen all too often in Illinois. It is often a comfort to know that auto insurance is there to help you recoup your losses and aid in your recovery if injured. However, sometimes the person who caused the crash does not have insurance coverage.

As you might imagine, squeezing blood from a stone is ineffective to say the least. Fortunately, a personal injury lawyer experienced in handling uninsured/underinsured motorist accidents can save the day for you. Even when an at-fault driver does not have auto insurance, an attorney can often help you acquire the compensation you need.

Several options exist for victims of uninsured/underinsured motorist accidents. These include the following:

— Seeking compensation through your insurance: Many insurance policies allow victims to acquire personal injury compensation through their own policies. However, you might need an attorney to help you collect on these benefits.

— Workers’ compensation claim: If you happened to be working in compliance with your job description at the time of the accident, you could file a claim to collect on these benefits. Again, a lawyer can give you sound advice about this possibility.

— Health insurance: Even if you cannot find a way to collect from the at-fault party in an uninsured/underinsured motorist accident, your health insurance could at least help you pay for any required medical care.

The most important takeaway from this post is to avoid the urge to give up on your quest for compensation. When all else fails, it could be in your best interests to speak with an attorney about your accident and your legal options.

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