When your job gives you cancer, workers’ compensation is vital

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June 9, 2017

No one residing in Peoria would argue that a cancer diagnosis is one of the worst pieces of news you can get from a doctor. Many times, victims of cancer do not know how they contracted the illness. Heredity can play a role as can diet and lifestyle. However, sometimes cancer may call on you at your place of work. It is important to know if this is the case as it will impact your ability to receive workers’ compensation.

We want all residents of Illinois to know the risks of contracting cancer through employment. Being educated about these risks helps Illinois workers make better decisions about their careers. As such, we offer you the following list of cancers linked to occupational exposures.

— Lung cancer: Exposure to a wide variety of substances including asbestos, arsenic, chromium compounds, foundry substances, tars, oils, soot and many others.

— Sinus and nasal cavity cancer: Exposure to fumes from isopropyl alcohol manufacturing, formaldehyde, mustard gas, nickel refining, leather dust, wood dust and many others.

— Bladder cancer: Exposure to substances found in aluminum production, textile production, rubber and leather industries and benzidine, among others.

— Liver cancer: Exposure to substances found in many industrial jobs such as vinyl chloride and arsenic.

— Cancers related to blood cell production: Exposure to radiation, herbicides, benzene and ethylene oxide.

After learning about these cancer-causing chemicals, your next step should be to determine if any of these substances are used in your place of work. You will need workers’ compensation more than ever if you have become seriously ill because of your job. Read more on our website or reach out to our lawyers for additional workers’ compensation advice.