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Workers’ compensation for construction accidents

This blog outlines the rights that workers have for compensation if they have been injured on a construction site. There are many laws to protect workers, and compensation is available to workers no matter the degree of negligence demonstrated by the employer. Claims can also be made that are largely dependent on to what degree the employer was responsible through negligence or unsafe practices.

Workers’ compensation can be gained to cover the financial losses due to an injury, such as wage losses and medical expenses. Workers’ compensation is not an action to sue an employer, but merely an attempt to claim back costs.

What is an injured employee entitled to?

In most states, every business must have workers’ compensation insurance to cover a worker’s injuries and other damages in the event of an on-the-job accident. Usually an injured employee is entitled to:

  • All necessary medical treatment that they require to heal their work-related injury. This will involve covering all costs, including transportation to the hospital and prescription medication.
  • Compensation for working hours lost because of a temporary disability due to their work-related injury. There are usually mandatory minimum and maximum payouts for wage losses, however it typically represents two-thirds of an employee’s gross pay.
  • Assistance in getting another job if the injury prevents the employee from continuing in his or her current position. This may be replaced with another job offer from the employer.

This blog serves as a brief introduction to workers’ compensation. It is important to gain trusted legal advice so that you can be given tailored suggestions based on your unique set of circumstances.

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