Drive safely in strong winds and heavy rain

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August 30, 2017

As an Illinois resident, you know that strong winds and heavy rain can move into the area at any time of the year.

With the fall months closing in, it’s safe to assume that the weather will change quickly. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself navigating the roadways in less than ideal conditions.

Even though the driving conditions may pose a challenge, it doesn’t mean you can stay off the road entirely. Obviously, you have places to be, such as school or work.

Here are some driving tips to follow when the wind picks up and the rain begins to fall:

  • Keep both hands on the wheel. This is something to do regardless of the weather, but it’s particularly important in strong winds. You don’t want a gust to knock you off your path.
  • Watch for large vehicles, such as commercial trucks. Due to the high profile, these vehicles have a difficult time staying in one lane when the wind picks up.
  • Give yourself more time to react. There is nothing wrong with leaving additional space between the other vehicles on the road. This may slow you down, but it can go a long way in helping you avoid a crash.
  • Use your headlights. Not only does this help you better see the road, but it makes your vehicle more visible to others.

The weather in Illinois has a way of changing without much notice. If you are on the road and the wind picks up and/or the rain begins to fall, you should adjust your approach.

If you are part of a motor vehicle accident, move your car to safety and wait for police and an ambulance to arrive.

Your health is more important than anything else, but you should also learn more about the cause of the crash and your legal rights. This will help you decide which steps to take next.