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Negligent truck accidents in Illinois: Does the punishment fit?

We have noticed a trend in stories published through Illinois news sources. There are a disturbing number of reports detailing possibly negligent truck accidents. In fact, we have included many of these reports in our legal blog. While the truck accidents themselves are tragic, we have also been paying attention to the immediate aftermath of these accidents.

What we have seen is that many of the drivers who have allegedly caused these truck accidents do not appear to receive much in the way of penalties. We admit that it is hard to keep track of these incidents once the initial reports fade from the headlines. As such, we cannot always know if these drivers were charged with a crime after the fact. It makes us wonder what, if anything, the victims are doing to seek a remedy if the law does indeed fail to respond appropriately.

As an example, let’s look at a recent truck accident that occurred in Illinois. The news report indicates that traffic had stalled due to construction. A truck driver approaching the scene allegedly failed to stop and struck a car. The accident resulted in the death of the man driving the car. However, the driver only received a traffic citation, according to the story.

We wonder if this is merely an example of inadequate information, non-comprehensive reporting or a hidden message about the way negligent truck accidents are handled by Illinois law enforcement. We do not have all the answers but as personal injury attorneys, we want our readers to understand that options exist for victims outside of law enforcement. Please visit us online to find out what you can do if you have lost a loved one or suffered a serious injury in a truck accident.