Commercial truck companies likely to sue car drivers

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September 13, 2017

Commercial trucks and other large commercial vehicles can be very intimidating when driving alongside one a highway. This intimidation that a car driver may feel when passing one by is for good reason: they can cause a great deal of damage and because of their sheer weight and force, can be fatally dangerous.

Because of their danger, truck drivers have to go through rigorous training and are subject to frequent drug tests. Truck companies are also not ignorant to both the potential for disaster and the liability that they may be subject to in the event of an incident involving one of their trucks.

When an incident does occur, and there are no fatalities but instead vehicle damage and injuries, car drivers involved must beware of legal implications. After the incident, it is likely that the truck company that employs the driver and owns the vehicle will send out a team of investigators to assess the situation and gather evidence that they can play to their legal advantage.

During this time, you will of course be happy to be safe and might start to relax at the prospect of the ordeal being over. However, when it comes to the legal proceedings, this may be just the beginning. It’s important that you are not complacent when it comes to the legal proceedings that you might be subject to as a consequence of the incident.

Commercial truck incidents involving passenger vehicles often result in extensive damages and prolonged legal battles. You should take as much information as evidence from the scene, as well as witness accounts, to improve your case’s prospects.

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