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Do you know the common causes of work related injuries?

Regardless of your profession or job responsibilities, you should never overlook the fact that you could suffer some type of on the job injury.

These are some of the many employment related injuries to be aware of, a few of which may be extremely common in your line of work. Here are five of the top causes of work related injuries:

  • Heavy lifting. If you’re required to lift heavy objects, day in and day out, you’re at risk of suffering an injury, such as one to your back or neck.
  • Slip and fall. This is exactly what it sounds like. You slip and fall at your place of employment, possibly as the result of wet floors or debris.
  • Repetitive motion. Do you do the same job, day in and day out? Depending on the activity, such as typing on the computer, it could lead to a repetitive motion injury or cumulative trauma.
  • Machine related injuries. Heavy equipment can cause a serious injury or even death.
  • Motor vehicle accidents. Many people drive for a living. Additionally, many people work in close proximity to vehicles, such as those tasked with unloading or loading trucks in a warehouse setting.

You must make sure you are familiar with all of the most common causes of work related injuries for your industry. The more you understand, the better chance there is that you can avoid trouble.

If you find yourself dealing with a workplace injury, receive immediate medical help while also reporting the accident to your employer. Both of these things will go a long way in helping you receive workers’ compensation benefits until you can return to work.

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