Frequently asked questions about truck accidents

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September 1, 2017

Due to the weight and force of trucks, crashes can be devastating and cause multiple fatalities. This is why there are many different guidelines and higher standards put in place for truck drivers.

This blog will provide a brief overview into some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to truck crashes.

What are the most common factors that lead to truck crash collisions with automobiles?

Usually, the characteristics of the truck such as its weight and bulk, combined with its performance capabilities, leads to a crash when a passenger vehicle underestimates the power of the truck. Large trucks also have larger blind spots, so if an automobile driver is not aware of this, it can lead to serious accidents.

What is a truck’s “No-Zone” and what does it mean?

A truck’s “No-Zone” is the area behind and beside a large truck where it is not possible for the driver to see you in his or her mirrors. This means that you should always avoid driving in these areas.

Can I still win a lawsuit if I was partially at fault?

“Comparative negligence” is a legal doctrine that helps a judge decide fault. Your carelessness is compared with the other party’s negligence. The portion of negligence that the other party was responsible for is the portion that he or she must pay.

Can I receive damages if I was injured in a truck accident and the other driver was at fault?

If you can prove that another driver was responsible for the crash, then you can receive damages such as missed time at work.

An attorney with experience in truck accidents can provide you with more information about your legal options. These cases are often complex, so legal advice and guidance is usually needed.

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