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Chain reaction truck accident in Illinois leaves 2 injured

A seemingly out of control big rig truck is the stuff of nightmares. In most cases, these types of truck accidents only happen in bad weather, but a recent crash in Mt. Vernon reveals that such accidents can take place anywhere and at anytime.

The truck accident occurred near noon last Friday on Interstate 57. According to news reports, the crash left two people injured and involved at least six motor vehicles, two of them large semitrucks. All of the struck vehicles were either not moving at all or slowed to a near stop due to a nearby bridge construction project.

Reportedly, the driver of one of the semitrucks failed to stop with the rest of the traffic. He swerved to avoid colliding with the second semi, but struck the rear of a Chevrolet instead. At this point, the hood of the first semi’s truck flew up and blocked the driver’s vision. The truck then collided with the second semi. After passing by the second semi, the first truck went on to strike at least four additional motor vehicles before coming to a stop.

The two injured victims were taken to a local hospital but the nature of their injuries was not disclosed in the report. The driver of the semi received a charge of “failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident.” Reportedly, the Illinois State Police continued to investigate the truck accident.

It is always important to pay careful attention when operating a motor vehicle. Failure to do so can lead to traffic accidents, often with tragic or deadly results. For those injured in a car or truck accident caused by negligence, the law offers legal remedies to help victims acquire much-needed financial compensation.

Source: Mt. Vernon Register-News, “Two injured in I-57 crash,” Oct. 20, 2017