Preventing neck and back pain in the workplace

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October 1, 2017

When one thinks of injuries in the workplace, the ailments and injuries obtained by construction workers and miners usually come to mind. But the propensity for office workers to suffer as a result of their working environment should not be ignored, and it should be remembered that there are legal protections in place for them as well.

Neck and back injuries are very common for office workers. This blog will provide an introduction into how to prevent these injuries, and what to do if your employer is not compliant in injury prevention.

Trust your instincts

If it is your job to lift heavy items and partake in tasks that lead to repetitive actions, you should trust your instincts in regard to what is safe and what is not. If you think that lifting an object might pose a danger to yourself, you have the legal right to refuse.

Get the right equipment

If you work at a desk, an employer has a reasonable duty to invest in the proper equipment that will prevent injury. This includes an ergonomic chair and a screen that can be adjusted to eye level. You should sit with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor to minimize back strain.

Workplace complaints

If you are suffering from back problems caused by your work environment and you feel that your employer is not attending to your needs, you may be entitled to a claim. An attorney can help you learn about your rights and the next steps to take when seeking compensation for your injuries.

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