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Proper lifting technique can keep you safe

Do you work in an industry in which you’re always lifting heavy items? If so, you know that this can take a toll on your body over time. This is why it’s a must to understand proper lifting technique.

Here are some of the many tips you should follow:

  • Keep a wide stance, with your feet shoulder width apart
  • Squat down as opposed to bending over at your waist
  • Keep good posture, which means looking straight ahead and keeping a straight back
  • Slowly lift the item off the ground
  • Keep the item close to your body, avoiding a situation in which you hold it out too far
  • Use your feet to change direction and take small steps when possible
  • Set down your item by squatting at the knees and hips

When you follow these lifting tips, you’ll find it much easier to avoid a serious back or neck injury. There is no guarantee that these tips will keep you safe, but they are definitely worth following as often as possible.

If you suffer an on-the-job injury, such as one when lifting a heavy item, you should stop what you are doing and call for immediate help. Continuing to lift will only make things worse on you.

Once you receive a diagnosis and treatment, you can then learn more about returning to work. Depending on the injury, you may be advised to rest for an extended period of time. This should lead you to learn more about the workers’ compensation system and how to move forward with the application process.

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