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Top tips to prevent an injury at work

Injuries at work can be a living nightmare, because not only do you go through a great deal of pain and inconvenience, but you also face the problem of potentially not being able to work for a significant amount of time.

This often results in you losing income and dealing with frustration and stress . Therefore, it makes sense that it is better to prevent an injury in the first place rather than to deal with the consequences of it. The following are some top tips to help prevent injuring yourself at work.

Take responsibility for your skills

If you are given a task that you do not think you are equipped for, it is better to tell your manager immediately rather than taking a risk and severely injuring yourself in the process.

Study the safety plan in your workplace

Your workplace should have a safety plan for all employees to follow, which will give advice and processes relating to the tasks that you carry out, in order to prevent an injury from taking place.

Don’t be afraid to be a whistle-blower

Many employees are afraid of saying something if they notice a safety risk at their workplace. This is because they fear that they might lose their job for “rocking the boat..” Employees are protected by law to raise any safety concerns that they have.

Prevention is the best way to approach safety risks at work. However, if you have been injured in the workplace, it is important to file a claim for any damages or lost wages that you incurred.

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