Driver of 18-wheeler who killed four in November is identified

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December 5, 2017

On November 21, two days before Thanksgiving, four young people lost their lives in an auto accident. The accident occurred in Hamel on Interstate 55. A tractor-trailer semi crashed into several vehicles that were either going at a very slow speed or had come to a full halt in a construction zone.

According to a spokesperson with the Indiana State Police, the 53-year-old driver of the semi has now been identified, although no citations have been issued yet. However, the investigation is still ongoing.

The young people killed in the crash included two 20-year-old females, as well as the minor sister of one woman, who was 17. All were traveling together. The fourth victim, a 19-year-old Missouri resident, was traveling in a separate vehicle. Per a previous news report, an additional eight people also suffered injuries in the fatal collision.

The driver of the 18-wheeler may not be the only one possibly at fault in this accident. Whomever was in charge of the construction site — and the company that employs that individual — may face some liability as well if all safety precautions weren’t taken. Construction sites must be have designated signage that provides adequate warning, e.g., speed limit signs to give travelers enough time to slow down and avoid bottlenecks. The construction company contracted for the work must have followed all regulations.

Trucking companies must also have safe-driving regulations in place, such as limiting the number of hours a driver is on the road. A driver who is sleepy or not alert could fail to notice when cars are slowing down. Trucks also must be regularly maintained to ensure there are no mechanical issues, such as brake failures.

More than likely, the accident will be reconstructed by investigators to determine the specifics. Wherever the fault lies in this tragic truck accident, a person or business entity may face liability for the loss of lives, victims’ injuries and other damages incurred. Damages may include medical and funeral expenses, rehabilitation costs and compensation for pain, suffering and/or mental anguish. The victims may also seek remuneration for repair or replacement of property or other expenses.

Victims or their survivors may decide to consult a personal injury attorney promptly to ensure the investigation is thorough and accurate, and that the proper parties are held liable for all damages.

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