Wrongful death accident victims: who speaks for them?

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January 30, 2018

When someone is killed in an auto accident due to someone else’s negligence, who is their voice? That might be the question one asks when hearing about a fatal crash caused by a drunk driver.

Despite the fact that the laws have become more stringent over the past decade when it comes to drunk driving, violators of DUI laws are still on the road. Drivers who are impaired by drugs, whether prescription or illegal, also populate public roads and highways — and whether intentional or not, they are often the cause of serious auto accidents.

Reckless or distracted driving — another common cause of accidents — is another deadly hazard to innocent travelers on Illinois highways. The popularity of cellphones in recent years and the advancement of social media and texting has increased the danger, despite Illinois laws regarding use of cell phones while driving.

When auto accidents occur due to reckless or irresponsible behavior, unfortunately, they often result in injuries or even fatalities. In the case of fatalities, the victims include the loved ones of the deceased. The deceased person, who has suffered a wrongful death and can no longer speak out, also can no longer take care of, or comfort, his or her family.

A personal injury attorney is probably the best voice for a wrongful death victim. Property damage to a vehicle, medical or ambulance costs, funeral expenses, loss of a provider’s income, as well as grief, are all issues those left behind must deal with. A personal injury attorney can deal strongly with the insurance companies to make sure the victim’s family is compensated for their loss and damages.