Hit by a truck? Here’s what you should know

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February 14, 2018

You were traveling on the interstate when a truck driver suddenly began to pull into your lane. He recognized his error, but it was too late. Moments later, your car struck the median and screeched across the truck’s side. Your vehicle, although on the larger side, was crushed on one side, and you suffered serious injuries.

Although you’re fortunate to be alive, there are still things that you want to see happen. You want the driver to be held accountable, you need to know where the money for your care is coming from and how you’ll support yourself and your family while you recover.

Make sure to preserve the truck’s “black box”

One reason to call your attorney as soon as you can is so that he or she can seek the black box from the accident. Even if there’s no question of fault, the black box contains important data about the driver, how he or she was driving at the time of the accident, how long the driver was behind the wheel and other facts. These pieces of data could be helpful for your case.

Remember to track your expenses

Next, remember to track your expenses. Keep copies of everything from the cost of gasoline to get to the hospital to ambulance bills and food expenses. The trucker’s auto insurance company should provide you with compensation for all your medical expenses as a result of the crash, as well as additional money for your pain, suffering and lost wages.

No one should have to go through what you’ve been through, but know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With support and a strong case, your attorney can advocate for a fair settlement to support you while you heal.