Freeport basketball team in accident returning from game

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March 14, 2018

Saturday night, after the Highland Community College basketball team took on North Dakota State College of Science, they were returning to Freeport when their bus was involved in an accident injuring nine players. The accident occurred around 6:45 p.m., in Wright County on Interstate 94.

They were traveling east in a Coach bus when apparently the driver experienced a medical issue. Crashing into the median, the bus continued hitting trees and a freeway sign for another quarter of a mile or so. Finally, swerving back onto the road and then into the ditch, the bus came to a halt.

Fortunately for all involved, there were no life-threatening injuries. Four passengers were treated at the scene. Five other passengers, as well as the driver, were transported to North Memorial Hospital with injuries.

Driving a commercial bus is a big responsibility and can be very stressful. The bus company is usually responsible for the safety of the passengers on the bus including the driver. They carry insurance policies to cover damages to property and passengers. The reason for any accident is fully investigated to determine the exact cause and placement of liability and accountability.

In this particular case, it is not know what type of medical emergency the bus driver experienced. Also, it is very fortunate that no lives were lost, and there were no life-threatening injuries. Nevertheless, there were injuries and the severity is unknown. Medical fees and damages will need to be paid.

If you are in a commercial vehicle accident and are injured, you will want to contact an attorney right away. Accidents are not something most people experience regularly, so it is easy to be at a loss where to start, especially when it is not your own vehicle that is involved. A personal injury attorney, however, does deals with these issues regularly and will know exactly what needs to be done. Don’t wait and let someone else close the case before you have ensured that your damages and/or losses are fully covered.

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