Caterpillar plant has deadly workplace accident

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June 1, 2018

Many Peoria area residents work at the Caterpillar plant or another manufacturing plant. Manufacturing jobs are usually good jobs that offer good pay and benefits. Although they can require hard work, it is often done in a safe environment. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and an injured employee may wonder about workers’ compensation.

A recent article in the Journal Star highlighted the safety history of Caterpillar. After having no deaths in their plants in 2017, a recent accident occurred in a Wisconsin facility which resulted in a worker’s death. It was the second death at that plant in 7 years. The employee was a welder at the plant and was struck by a steel plate in the welding shop that crushed him. The employee had worked at the plant for 23 years and died at a local hospital. OSHA is investigating the accident. Caterpillar reports their injuries have been reduced by over 90% for hours worked in 2017.

When a person goes to their job each day they don’t expect they will be seriously injured. Unfortunately, many families are affected by this situation every year in Illinois. Workers’ compensation is available for workers to cover their unexpected medical bills and lost wages. Employers have workers’ compensation insurance just for these situations. If a person is injured at work, they may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in workers’ compensation. An attorney can make sure the injured employee and their family receives the help and compensation they are entitled to. This compensation makes sure the employee is able to recover from their injuries without having to worry about financial matters.

For those families who have tragically lost their loved one in a workplace accident, workers’ compensation can also provide death benefits. Workers’ compensation is important for injured workers and their families to help their return to their normal lives.