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Hurt on the job? Know your options for compensation

Accidents and injuries are relatively common in the lives of Illinois residents. They may suffer from moments of clumsiness that leave them with minor injuries or they may be involved in serious incidents like vehicle accidents that threaten their future health. When accidents happen while individuals are performing their job duties, they may have to leave work and seek medical treatment for their injuries. Depending upon how severe the injuries are, the victim may be unable to return to work for days or even weeks.

Not many people can provide for their family for weeks if an injury prevents them from performing their job duties. Without their regular income, the financial stability of their family may be threatened, and they may find they are behind on important obligations, such as their mortgages and other mandatory bills.

On-the-job injuries can be frustrating, but they are compensable through workers’ compensation. A workers’ compensation claim may provide a worker with financial support to get them through their recovery and back to their normal health, so they can once again return to work and earn the wages they need.

Injured workers cannot simply ask for workers’ compensation but must submit evidence of their injuries and their need for financial help. A worker’s compensation application may be denied if it is insufficient in some way, such as failing to show that a worker’s injuries are attributable to something they did in the course of their job. The Law Offices of Goldfine & Bowles can help a worker prepare their workers’ compensation claim and guide them through the legal steps of getting the financial support they require.