A denied workers’ compensation claim may be appealed

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October 18, 2018

After a workplace injury, it can be hard for a person to imagine jumping back into their job. They may need time to recover from the harm that they sustained and they may need financial help to get through their period of healing. In such cases, Illinois residents may choose to file for workers’ compensation benefits to get back on their feet and ready to work.

However, needing workers’ compensation benefits is not the only requirement for securing such help. A worker must apply for workers’ compensation and must meet a variety of criteria to prevail on their claim. If their application is insufficient or deficient in some way, it may be rejected.

The denial of a workers’ compensation application can be frustrating but, in some cases, the reason for the denial may be inadvertent or accidental. In some cases, employees and their employers can look over the denial letters to figure out just why the employees’ claims were rejected.

If, however, there is not a simple solution to a workers’ compensation denial, then a person should be prepared to engage in a complex legal process. They may be required to submit to an administrative hearing and to present evidence regarding why they believe the denial of their claim was erroneous. They may find the support and guidance of an attorney to be of great benefit at this point in their claim, as the process can be lengthy and can require multiple levels of appeal.

Individuals must follow filing and timing requirements to ensure their appeals are submitted for review. When it is time for them to challenge a rejection of their workers’ compensation benefits, they can prepare themselves by learning more about the process with the help of dedicated attorneys.