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Protect your rights after a serious truck collision

Vehicle collisions on Illinois highways can be deadly and can change the course of Peoria residents’ lives. They may deprive individuals of their loved ones, cause serious physical injuries, and inflict emotional trauma and pain and those who survive their ordeals. When a collision occurs between a personal vehicle and a large commercial truck, the damages imparted on the victims can be even more significant due to the massive size of the truck.

Trucks take longer to stop than smaller vehicles, are harder to move around on the roads, and require extra licensing to legally drive. Their more challenging operations and inherent dangers can make them difficult to control and prone to accidents when in the hands of drivers who are not prepared to maintain them.

After an accident with a large truck a victim may be left with long-term injuries and the need for ongoing medical care. Paying for such treatments and therapies out of one’s own pocket can be expensive at best and financially crippling for some. Seeking the recovery of one’s own damages after a truck accident can make all the difference for a victim’s future.

The Law Offices of Goldfine & Bowles encourage truck accident victims and their families to seek out legal help to fully understand victims’ rights and opportunities under the laws of the state. Compensation for one’s truck accident-related losses may be a turning point in a victim’s recovery and may provide them with the financial help that are entitled to so that they may get themselves the medical care and treatment their injuries require. The firm is available now and looks forward to supporting new truck accident clients.