Conditions that may cause serious outdoor slip and fall accidents

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December 27, 2018

It is officially winter and Peoria residents may be sick of dealing with the snow, ice, and slush that is accumulating on their driveways and vehicles this holiday week. While many people love having a white Christmas, after several weeks of wet and cold weather most individuals would welcome a break from the bombardment of winter weather they often face during the cold months of the year.

Winter precipitation can be more than a nuisance, however. It can become a danger when it is not properly managed and cleared. Snow and ice are just a few of the outdoor conditions that can cause individuals to suffer serious slip and fall accidents when they leave their homes to visit their friends or local shops and restaurants.

Outdoor hazards can afflict slip and fall victims outside of winter, too. Any time of year, poor lighting can be a threat to individuals who are not familiar with their surroundings. A person who cannot see due to low lighting may trip and fall over an obstacle that they did not know was in their path and may suffer serious harm as a result of these accident.

Additionally, uneven surfaces on sidewalks and in parking lots can cause victims to lose their balance and fall when they stumble over them. Property owners who do not take precautions to eliminate dangers or warn others about them can be held liable for their victims’ slip and fall injuries. Outdoor accidents are common, and victims who are hurt in slip and fall incidents can get legal help from their trusted personal injury attorneys.