What should a worker do after suffering an on-the-job injury?

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January 16, 2019

Accidents happen everywhere, but when they occur at work individuals may have the right to recover compensation for their losses. In Illinois, hurt workers may be able to secure financial support through workers’ compensation claims when their injuries are suffered while they are doing their jobs. This post offers some guidance on steps workers may want to take after getting hurt on-the-job but should not be substituted for individual legal guidance.

First, it is important that workers report their injuries to their bosses. If a worker does not report their harm, then their employer will not have notice of its occurrence. This can pose problems for a worker later on when they must explain when and where they were hurt. This may jeopardize one’s ability to recover the compensation to which he or she may otherwise be entitled.

Next, a worker should seek medical help to have their injuries treated. This step may come before the notification step if the worker’s injuries are serious or life-threatening. Seeking medical treatment will help a worker on their road to recovery, but it will also help them demonstrate the extent of their injuries and losses from their work-related accident.

Finally, a worker may decide to file a claim for workers’ compensation. An attorney can be a good resource for a person who has never had to engage with this legal action before. There are a number of technical requirements that individuals must meet to ensure that their claims are not rejected.

Workers’ compensation is an important option for many individuals who suffer harm when they are doing their jobs. To learn more about these claims and the many steps that must be followed to recover workers’ compensation benefits, readers can speak with their local workers’ compensation law attorneys.