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The role of the reasonable person in an auto accident case

When a person reacts in a dramatic or overly responsive way, they may be counseled to act reasonably so that they can appropriately reflect on the problem or situation that has confronted them. An unreasonable person may exhibit a lack of control over themselves or a failure to take appropriate actions given the circumstances of their situation. Each day on Illinois roads, new auto accident victims are made when they encounter drivers who behave unreasonably.

In fact, the legal theory of negligence revolves around the concept of reasonableness and how a reasonable person would react if subjected to a set of particular conditions. Negligence occurs when a person fails to meet their standard of care to others, and that standard of care is generally dictated by how a reasonable person would behave. For example, a reasonable person would not use a cell phone while driving because it is a distraction, and therefore a driver who did use a cell phone and caused an accident may be found negligent of the harm inflicted on others.

Reasonableness can be a subjective concept and what is reasonable to some may not be reasonable to others. Therefore, it is important that victims of auto accidents discuss their claims with their own personal injury lawyers.

Negligence is often the basis of car accident claims, and negligence is generally proven by demonstrating a lack of reasonableness on the part of the responsible party. There are other elements that individuals must prove in order to prevail on their legal claims for damages, and their lawyers can support them as they build their cases.