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Three-vehicle crash kills one, injures three

Rural roads in Illinois pose several unique hazards, including relatively high speed limits, lack of passing lanes, blind curves and direct driveway entrances. These hazards combined with reckless driving in rural Peoria County to cause a three-car accident that killed one person and injured three.

An 18-year-old woman who lived in Elmwood was waiting on Route 116 to turn into her parents’ driveway when her vehicle was rear-ended by a pickup truck. A third vehicle heading east on Route 116 then struck the pickup and the other vehicle. The driver of the turning vehicle died at the scene, and five people in the two other vehicles suffered various injuries and have been hospitalized.

Police do not usually release the results of their accident investigation within hours of the accident, but this accident has been treated differently. The police said that the driver of the pickup was most likely the driver whose fault caused the accident because he failed to slow or stop for the turning vehicle. Police have not commented on whether alcohol played any role in the accident.

Illinois residents who have lost a loved one in a fatal car accident often have a cause of action for wrongful death. They can seek damages for loss of companionship against the driver who caused the crash. The persons who were injured may have causes of action for bodily injury. Victims who have suffered an injury or lost a loved one in a traffic accident may wish to consult an experienced personal injury attorney for an evaluation of the facts of the case and an opinion about the likelihood of recovering damages for medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering.