5-vehicle crash on I-74

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October 31, 2019

Heavy traffic isn’t just an inconvenience, it can also be a hazard. When many vehicles are moving quickly in close proximity to each other, any collision between two of them can quickly turn into a multi-vehicle accident, with many people hurt.

Recently, five vehicles were involved in a rush hour pile-up crash on I-74 in Peoria. According to a news report, two people were taken to area hospitals after the accident. Their injuries were described as not life-threatening.

It isn’t immediately clear what caused the five vehicles to crash into each other. A full investigation will certainly be helpful in determining fault and liability. The auto accident occurred during afternoon rush hour, on most people’s way home from work and school. Two people involved in that car accident were hospitalized for the injuries they suffered in that accident.

In rush hour traffic, it can be much more difficult to prevent a pile up car accident as vehicles tend to get very close together. It’s always great to give yourself a generous following distance, but again, in rush hour this can be more difficult. If someone rear ends you and it causes you to crash into the vehicle in front of you – it may not be as much of your fault as the person behind you.

This is important in cases of personal injury liability. Being responsible or seeking damages against a responsible party is an in-depth process. Having a basic understanding of personal injury law can be helpful. For those injured in the pile-up on I-74 these are all relevant questions.