Workers’ comp is intended only for workplace-related injuries

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December 26, 2019

If you are working for a company in Illinois, there is always a chance that you might suffer an injury while you are on the job. Anyone who suffers an on-the-job injury or illness stemming from their employment may apply for workers’ compensation benefits to help support themselves and their family during their recovery when they are unable to work.

Contractors, seasonal workers and other workers who are not classified as employees by their companies will generally not be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. It is also important to remember that workers’ compensation insurance will only cover injuries and/or illnesses that occurred within the scope of your employment. Pre-existing medical conditions that were exacerbated as a result of a workplace accident, or injuries stemming from even alcohol provided at a company event could be covered.

In other words, your injury or illness must be directly related to a task or condition required of your job. For example, a non-company event with your supervisor may not be considered work-related, as your participation in the event is not part of your job. Therefore, if you suffer an injury during the event, it is unlikely that it will be covered by workers’ compensation. Injuries that occur as a result of behaviors not connected to your actual employment, such as fighting with a co-worker or friend, would also not be covered.

If you are unsure whether your injuries would be covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation benefits, an attorney can give you a more realistic picture of what to expect. Ideally, the workers’ compensation will provide you some assistance during an otherwise difficult time in your life.