Uninsured teen injures 4 in car accident

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October 3, 2020

Four people ended up in the hospital after a recent car accident in Illinois. The teen driver who allegedly caused the crash, and who was one of the injured parties, apparently was driving their car without insurance.

The crash happened out on U.S. 34. It took place at roughly 5:21 p.m. on Saturday, October 10, according to the local news.

The driver who started the incident is an 18-year-old man who was, at the time, driving a silver Honda. He lost control of that car. The reports are not sure why he did so. In any case, that loss of control sent the car off of the right shoulder.

U.S. 34 is a divided highway, and one car driving off of the right-hand shoulder shouldn’t have caused a multi-car crash, but the driver attempted to save it. In doing so, he overcorrected. His car went back to the left, crossed both of the lanes he was supposed to be driving in, went over the median between the roads, and slammed into a vehicle in the eastbound lanes.

That vehicle contained at least a 52-year-old woman and two young children. All three were taken to the hospital with injuries, as was the teen driver who hit them. He was also extensively cited for not having insurance, failing to reduce his speed, using the lanes improperly, and causing the accident.

A case like shows how unavoidable an accident may feel. To the driver in the second vehicle, it all happened in a split second and they couldn’t get out of the way. Those who get injured in a crash like this may want to seek financial compensation.