Three injuries that might not be apparent after a car accident

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January 9, 2021

Illinois motorists who become involved in auto accidents will understandably want to receive compensation for any injuries and losses they suffer. But there are times when it becomes difficult to determine the exact extent of injuries sustained in an accident. Some accident injuries will not show their full effects until days or weeks after an automobile crash. But when they do, these effects can devastate the lives of accident victims.

Herniated disk

The force involved in an MVA can cause the body to move violently in directions it is not intended to move. It is common for these sudden and forceful movements to cause muscle strains in the neck and back. But sometimes, these injuries turn out to be more than simple muscle strains.

A herniated disk happens when the tissue between the spine and vertebrate ruptures. This injury will inflame and apply pressure to the nerves connected to the spine. The result can be pain, numbness, and decreased control of limbs.

Traumatic brain injury

Brain injuries can occur when the head of an accident victim strikes against an interior portion of a vehicle. These traumatic brain injuries change the way the brain functions in the long-term. Traumatic brain injuries can conceal themselves for months.

The first signs of traumatic brain injuries are often memory loss and irritability. Severe traumatic brain injuries alter brain function in a way that may make it difficult to process information and emotions. The type and severity of the TBI will determine recovery time.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

The stress from a car accident can cause psychological and emotional damage that is not nearly as easy to detect as physical injuries. PTSD symptoms can include:

  • Fear of driving
  • Anxiety connected to sounds and images that remind of collisions
  • Insomnia
  • Nightmares

Accident victims often believe the symptoms of PTSD will go away with time. However, talking with a counselor or psychologist is a much better course of action.

Individuals injured in a car accident will likely need compensation to replace their losses and support themselves while recovering from the accident. A personal injury attorney may be able to facilitate a smooth accident claims process.