Why do some drivers behave aggressively?

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March 3, 2021

Aggressive driving reflects more than a bad habit. Illinois drivers who take to the roads with the wrong attitude towards safety could put lives in jeopardy. It might not take much to cause a fatal accident, and speeding or cutting other vehicles off might increase the chances of a collision.

Underlying factors for aggressive driving

The reasons why someone may drive aggressively might be somewhat mundane. Running late for work or a doctor’s appointment could lead a driver to step on the gas a little too heavily.

Some may appreciate the anonymity that vehicles offer and may misbehave. Aggravation with traffic, combined with a disregard for others, may lead someone to drive aggressively to get away from the congestion. Cutting in and out of lanes or driving on the shoulder represents potentially dangerous aggression.

Anxiety could lead someone to make bad decisions. Anger and worries about things happening at home or at work may ratchet up ill-advised behaviors, and such actions could increase due to stimulants, even legal ones such as caffeine.

Negligence and aggressive driving

Aggressive driving is more than rude; it is dangerous. Handling a motor vehicle without safe control might cause a crash. Aggressive driving combined with distracted driving increases the chances for collisions, and collisions may result in more than damage to another vehicle. Someone could end up with life-threatening injuries or might not survive at all.

A point worth mentioning is flippant reasons for violating traffic laws won’t likely support a defense. Traffic violations that contribute negligently to an accident could leave a driver facing a lawsuit. The negligent driver may then rely on an insurance policy to avoid financial devastation.

Drivers or pedestrians injured by an aggressive, speeding driver could file a personal injury suit. Speaking with an attorney about how to proceed may become a top priority.