Sleepy drivers are dangerous drivers

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April 28, 2021

Illinois drivers contribute to the thousands of auto accidents that happen each year and that are a result of getting behind the wheel while they are sleepy. Sleepiness is a growing problem that is leading to a large number of fatalities and injuries each year. By understanding some of the dangers associated with drowsy driving, people can do their part by avoiding the task of driving when they’re too tired to do so safely.

Why is sleepy driving so dangerous?

Experts have revealed that many of the symptoms that are associated with impairment due to drugs or alcohol are very similar to those experienced by drivers who are overly sleepy. Some of the most common ones that sleepy drivers experience include longer reaction times, less vigilance, decreased attention and an inability to properly judge distance. All of these driving impairments make it three times more likely that a sleepy driver will be involved in an auto accident compared to a well-rested one.

Ways to reduce sleepy driving

Fatigued driving can be a big problem for everyone. Reducing the number of drivers who get behind the wheel when they’re sleepy requires a multi-faceted approach. First, informing the public of the dangers is the perfect place to start. Some employers and colleges work to inform employees and students of the dangers involved in sleepy driving. Second, car manufacturers are consistently producing safety technology that alerts drivers when they’re being unsafe, such as drifting into another lane.

Sleepy driving is becoming an epidemic that needs to be curbed sooner rather than later. The impairment that lack of sleep can have on the human body and its ability to drive safely can be detrimental to everyone on the roadway. It’s crucial to spread the message of how bad sleepy driving is and why drivers should avoid it.