What should you do after a truck accident?

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April 7, 2021

Truck crashes could happen under a multitude of circumstances. Sometimes, negligence proves to be the reason for the accident. Considering the devastation that a semi-truck may cause, commuters and pedestrians dread a collision with such a massive vehicle. Regardless of how or why an accident occurs, Illinois crash victims should know what to do in the aftermath.

Addressing the aftermath of a truck accident

Seeking medical care and calling the police after the accident is typically the top priority. Those hurt in a collision may require emergency care. Drivers hit by a truck may need to take other measures for legal reasons. After all, a civil suit might follow if a truck driver’s negligence inflicted injury.

Calling the police allows the authorities to compile an official accident report. The report could serve as vital evidence in court, so victims should obtain a copy and keep it in a safe place.

Medical records and police reports are not the only evidence worth collecting. Taking photos of the accident scene could be vital if a lawsuit follows. The mind forgets details, so photographic evidence provides a visual document. Witness statements could be quite valuable too, so getting contact information and comments from witnesses is important.

Seeking representation after a truck accident

Filing an insurance claim might be more challenging and involved than people realize. Hiring an attorney to deal with the insurance company may prove helpful. Besides negotiating for a settlement, the attorney may perform steps that the accident victim would not consider. For example, the attorney might contact all potential defendants with a request to preserve and present evidence.

Victims of truck accidents might want to discuss their losses and damages with an attorney. The attorney may then start the steps to deal with the insurance company or file a lawsuit.