The dangers of cognitive distraction for drivers

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June 14, 2021

Cognitive distraction is something that may occur even though you have your eyes on the road ahead and your hands on the wheel. Some Illinois motorists may not be aware that driving when cognitively distracted can be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol.

Types of cognitive distraction

One of the most common sources of cognitive distraction is using a cellphone while driving. Because many people think distraction involves looking away from the road or taking their hands off the steering wheel, they might assume that using a phone hands-free is a good solution. However, this can be cognitively distracting as can other forms of conversation, including listening to children. Of course, it is not possible for all forms of cognitive distraction to be eliminated, but if drivers are more aware of it, they might also be more mindful of trying to reduce it.

Avoiding cognitive distraction

Cellphone use is involved in around one-quarter of all motor vehicle accidents. When you consider how many other activities in a car may lead to cognitive distraction, it is clear that this can be a significant danger. In addition to avoiding using a cellphone, drivers should try to do all adjustments of music and GPS systems before starting out and should make an effort to stay focused on the task of driving.

These behaviors can also model safe driving behavior for children, which is important since teens are even more likely to have an accident while using a cellphone. Accidents related to distracted driving can result in serious harm. People who are injured in accidents in which another driver is at fault might be eligible for compensation that will cover the costs of medical bills and other expenses.