Are older drivers at a greater risk for collisions in Illinois?

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August 18, 2021

Older drivers are not uncommon, and even Illinois residents in their 80s or 90s may drive without any problems. That said, age sometimes factors into the reasons for a crash. An older adult may be the victim of someone else’s negligence and experience a greater risk of death. Older persons might succumb to certain injuries that a younger, healthier person might survive. Ultimately, older drivers could benefit from being extra careful when behind the wheel.

Older drivers and vehicle collisions

Statistics examining the risks older drivers face are sobering. In 2018, nearly 7,700 drivers over the age of 65 died in car crashes. Some suggestions that could reduce the chances of death or injury apply to everyone in all age groups.

Driving without a seat belt increases risks both dramatically and unnecessarily. And airbags and seat belts only do so much when the owner never maintains the vehicle. Bad brakes, worn tires, and burned-out lights create dangers on the road.

Driving while intoxicated causes many car accidents, including numerous fatal ones. Alcohol and illegal drugs aren’t the only substances that may cause impairments. Over-the-counter and prescription drugs could impair judgment and reactions as well.

Concerns with older drivers

An older person might suffer problems common among those in their senior years. Vision and hearing problems might make driving dangerous during the day and possibly worse at night. Concentration and cognitive issues could make driving extremely dangerous for some older persons. Perhaps seeking alternatives to driving oneself may be appropriate for impaired older drivers.