Public safety workers confronted by certain overlooked injuries

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December 3, 2021

Every day, public safety workers face new and different risks. Some may prove injurious and others even fatal. Firefighters, paramedics, law enforcement officers and prison guards know this and understand that they must take extra precautions.

Sometimes, the public may take these workers for granted. And they may even overlook some of the injuries that they face.

Hearing loss and heart trouble

Here are four often-overlooked injuries sustained by public safety officers:

  • Hearing loss: Noise-induced hearing loss can lead to the loss of a career for some public safety officers such as people in law enforcement. Keen hearing allows them to be aware of their surroundings. On-the-job noise exposure such as gunfire and the sounds of flashbang or stun grenades often remains unavoidable.
  • Respiratory and heart troubles: Stressful working conditions along with strenuous aspects of a job filled with physical exertion take a toll on a person’s heart. Respiratory issues often surface after inhaling smoke filled with chemicals, damaging the lungs.
  • Injuries to back, neck, head and shoulders: The physical aspects of the job, sometimes, have serious effects to a person’s body. Continuous lifting of patients and equipment, falling down, injuries from car crashes and clashes with criminals are may arise.
  • Exposure to infections: Bloodborne pathogens always are risks. Pathogens from blood and saliva may contain HIV and hepatitis. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, public safety workers also have increased chances of getting the virus.

These examples represent just some of the additional challenges faced by public safety workers. Most workers do not face such on-the-job risks.

Dedicated workers

The dedication of public safety workers is undisputable. But the risks they face endanger their lives more so than most workers. And, not surprisingly, the career of a public safety worker may end after a serious injury. This is when a solid legal advocate may help.