Do you know what causes the most crashes on Illinois roads?

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February 25, 2022

With the large-scale rollout of vehicle safety measures, you would think that car crashes would decline However, even the smartest of cars cannot predict what drivers will do behind the wheel.

The Illinois Department of Transportation tabulated just under 300,000 crashes in 2019. Out of those, about 930 resulted in fatalities. Discover some of the most common reasons these accidents occurred so that you can keep yourself and others safer on the roads.


The state sets speed with safety in mind. When you or someone else exceeds it, the likelihood of a crash increases. Losing control behind the wheel happens more frequently when a driver is speeding. You also lose the ability to make quick stops when something happens in front. Inclement weather and driving too fast combine for a dangerous combination.


Newer vehicles come with options that integrate with smartphones to reduce driver temptation to look at screens. However, the infotainment center itself may prove distracting, especially if text messages pop or a navigation map. Electronics are not the only type of distraction that impedes a driver’s ability to react and hone in on the road ahead. Eating and drinking behind the wheel are distracting, as are passengers.


Accidents caused by intoxicated driving have decreased, but not completely. Impaired driving is not going away until people stop driving after drinking. Even in small quantities, alcohol can reduce reaction time significantly and make a driver more apt to speed and take other risks. As such, if you find yourself needing a ride home after drinking, the better option is a cab or ride-share service.

Ensuring you and others stay safe on the road should remain a priority. Avoiding the behaviors responsible for most crashes is one way you can do your part to decrease the chances.