What are the most dangerous jobs in Illinois?

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February 22, 2022

What are the most dangerous jobs in Illinois?

Nearly every occupation contains some level of risk for injury while on the job. Unfortunately, workers in some occupations are more at risk for serious injuries and deadly conditions. From heavy industry to workers in dangerous environments, some Illinois jobs put their dedicated workers at risk.

Workers throughout the state must follow safety guidance and OSHA standards as they relate to their industries, but some workers might face catastrophic injuries on the job, including:

  • Construction workers: Whether it is a new build going up, an extensive renovation project or roadwork along the highway, construction workers face deadly risks on every shift. Injuries can come from vehicle collisions, power tool mishaps, defective materials or falls from height.
  • Manufacturing workers: Employees in heavy industry often face catastrophic danger. These could be shock injuries, crush injuries, burn damage or toxic exposure.
  • Commercial fishing: As the north-eastern corner of Illinois rests peacefully against the waters of Lake Michigan, numerous commercial fishermen find their base of operations near Chicago. Unfortunately, this is a high-risk occupation as workers face collision, heavy storms, lift injuries and drowning.
  • First responders: Police officers, firefighters and EMTs risk their lives at every turn. From high-speed vehicle collisions to rushing to save people from a burning building, this profession carries an inherent danger.

Worker accidents typically fall into three categories: single accident injuries, repetitive stress and toxic exposure. These at-risk industries often fall into the first category where one single devastating accident leads to catastrophic bodily harm. Traumatic brain injuries, crush injuries, paralysis – these can result from a single severe action.

No matter the type of industry or the cause of the workplace accident, it is wise to seek professional guidance in the matter. From trusted medical professionals to experienced lawyers, it is important to learn as much as possible about your injuries and the possibility of monetary recovery.