Summer driving is more fatal than winter driving

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May 25, 2022

Illinois winters are notorious for hazardous conditions for drivers. What you might not realize, however, is that summer is the most dangerous time to drive. According to Money Geek, July and August consistently produce the most fatal accidents every year.

Most drivers are aware of winter prep for their vehicles. Unfortunately, many Illinois drivers neglect to spend some extra time getting ready for the summer months. Continue reading to learn a few maintenance tips to get your vehicle road-trip ready this summer.

Change your oil

Consult your driver’s manual to see if you need an oil change. Remember that harsh conditions put more demands on your vehicle, meaning you might need an oil change sooner than you think. Check your oil levels and oil filter. If the filter is dirty, your oil also needs a refresh.

Inspect your brakes

Brakes might be the most essential part of avoiding accidents; however, many Americans drive around with subpar or worn-out brake pads. If you have not changed your brake pads in 30,000 miles, check them to see if they need replacement. Also, it is a good rule of thumb to flush your brake fluid every 25,000 miles. The summertime is the perfect time to do this because you have peace of mind for the warmer months, but your winter prep becomes that much easier too.

Illinois drivers tend to become much more reckless once the weather starts to heat up. You cannot account for other drivers, but at the very least, you can ensure your car is safe to drive.