What steps should I take immediately after a car accident?

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November 12, 2022

In the moments following a collision between your vehicle and another, you may initially panic.

Whether you are dealing with a frantic driver or a car that is blocking traffic, there are specific steps that can help you stay focused during this chaotic time.

Talk to anyone involved

According to the AARP, leaving the scene of the accident can lead to worse problems later on, so make sure to not drive away right after the crash. Instead, look at who is standing around near the area or exiting any vehicles and try to talk to them.

Asking for their names, license place numbers and phone numbers is a vital part of making sure you can contact them later.

Use your phone’s camera

Taking photos of the position of your car, as well as any items or parts of your vehicle that may have fallen off during the crash, can help you document important details for later. Snapping some pictures of the area on the road where you may have stopped quickly or swerved could also benefit you.

You should walk around the car and notice what areas, such as the doors or back, are full of scratches or broken parts as you do this. Keeping track of the day and time this accident happened can also be helpful for any insurance claims.

Stay relaxed

When an angry driver approaches you, you may feel tempted to yell. Keeping calm and discussing the matter in a safe area, such as not in the middle of the road, is important for your safety.

No matter what kind of accident you are in, taking steps to gather information and document the scene can help you stay proactive.