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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Drivers have to give motorcycles the entire lane

Motorcycles are vastly smaller than cars and many people have never driven or ridden on them before. This can lead to the incorrect assumption that the motorcycle doesn't need the whole lane. The reality is that motorcycles absolutely deserve the entire lane and drivers must treat them the same way they'd treat another car or truck.

Tips for safe motorcycle riding in the spring

The spring is commonly known as one of the most dangerous times for motorcycle riders. Drivers often forget about sharing the road with smaller bikes, having not done so during the Illinois winter, and it can lead to accidents when drivers forget to watch for motorcycles. Below are a few tips that can help you ride safely in Illinois.

Man dies in crash less than a year after daughter's death

Nine months ago, a man from Red Bud, Illinois, had to mourn his daughter's death when a car accident tragically took her life. His family now finds themselves in a similar situation all over again, as he was recently killed in a motorcycle accident.

Summer Saturdays on your motorcycle may be your highest risk ride

July may simply be the best time to head out on the open road. Of course, June and August are prime time for motorcycling, too, but there's just something about the heat and the light in July that make riding feel like freedom.

Man dies in motorcycle accident in Illinois

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous at times. In fact, operating a motorcycle is often more dangerous than operating other types of vehicles due to the riders being more exposed. This can result in a higher chance of injury and death for a motorcyclist involved in a motorcycle accident in Illinois.

Bill aims to reduce risk of motorcycle accident in Illinois

Parents who have teenagers are often worried about the safety of their children when they are driving on the road for the first time. However, many parents are even more worried about having their children ride a motorcycle for the first time. A motorcycle accident can be more dangerous than a passenger car and typically has a higher risk of injury or even death. This is why lawmakers in Illinois are attempting to make motorcycle safety a higher priority in drivers' education classes for teenagers.

Checkpoints may not help prevent a motorcycle accident

Lawmakers typically propose legislation designed to promote safety on the nation's roadways. However, what laws actually increase safety is not exactly straightforward, in Illinois or in any other state. One recent proposal made by federal lawmakers is aimed at defunding motorcycle-only checkpoints on the road, which were originally intended to help decrease motorcycle accident risks.

Off-duty police officer dies in motorcycle accident in Illinois

Illinois police officers provide an essential service to society and the local community. They put their lives on the line on a daily basis in order to ensure the safety of fellow citizens. This is why it is unfortunate when a police officer's life is lost, whether in the line of duty or otherwise. Recently, a Chicago cop ended up losing his life in an off-duty motorcycle accident.

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