What happens if my child is hit while biking to school?

October 6, 2021

Bicycle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is important to give our children more freedom as they age. One common way parents give their children this freedom is letting them ride their bikes to school. With watches and phones that we can use to help track them, we can double check that they get to school and check on them if […]

What are the dangers associated with driving an overloaded truck?

October 1, 2021

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Throughout Illinois, you’ll find many large trucks transporting goods. It can feel dangerous to drive near these large vehicles. Unfortunately, it’s even more dangerous when these large trucks get overloaded. Here are a few of the dangers associated with overloaded trucks. Difficult to drive When someone is driving an overloaded vehicle, it can provide a […]

Keep a safe driving distance during inclement weather

August 26, 2021

Auto Accidents

Car Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Maintaining a sufficient distance behind other vehicles can reduce the risk of auto accidents. During inclement weather, you may need to stay further back from the car in front of you than you realize. Review this guide to keeping a safe following distance from other motorists when rain or snow occurs. Understanding the three-second rule […]

Are older drivers at a greater risk for collisions in Illinois?

August 18, 2021

Auto Accidents


Car Accidents

Older drivers are not uncommon, and even Illinois residents in their 80s or 90s may drive without any problems. That said, age sometimes factors into the reasons for a crash. An older adult may be the victim of someone else’s negligence and experience a greater risk of death. Older persons might succumb to certain injuries […]

Is if possible to avoid a head-on collision?

August 4, 2021


Car Accidents

Head On Collisions

All kinds of motor vehicle accidents bring the potential for severe injuries and even fatalities. Likely, the accident a great many Illinois drivers fear is a head-on collision since the chances for fatalities are significant in such crashes. Drivers may take additional precautions when traveling on single-lane highways. Sometimes, awareness and defensive driving could help […]

Pedestrian agency and safety on the road

July 20, 2021


Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are ever more vulnerable on the streets of Illinois. They’re not only dealing with cars and bikes; threats like motorized scooters and Segways are on the sidewalks too. Some areas don’t even have sidewalks, yet people there will still find a need to walk places. How can pedestrians stay safe in those conditions? Here […]

What should you do after losing a loved one to wrongful death?

July 16, 2021


Wrongful Death

Car accidents happen all the time in Illinois. Sadly, some of those crashes result in the death of a loved one. If this type of tragedy has personally affected you and your family, you have a right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. What are the main causes of car accidents? Car accidents can happen […]

Who is negligent in bike and car collisions?

July 8, 2021

Bicycle And Motor Vehicle Collisions

Riding a bike in Illinois can put a cyclist close to cars, and the cyclist has to stay alert for safety’s sake. Cars, trucks and SUVs may collide with a bike, leaving the cyclist in a potentially life-threatening situation. Bike and motor vehicle safety Cyclists might not control how a driver acts, but they can […]

What responsibilities do cyclists have on the road?

June 25, 2021

Bicycle And Motor Vehicle Collisions

If you enjoy riding your bicycle in and around Peoria, Illinois, you’re definitely not alone. As a cyclist, whether you ride a regular bicycle or an electric one, it’s important to remember that you have the same responsibilities on the road as drivers of cars and other bigger vehicles. Traffic rules and regulations are in […]

The dangers of cognitive distraction for drivers

June 14, 2021

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Cognitive distraction is something that may occur even though you have your eyes on the road ahead and your hands on the wheel. Some Illinois motorists may not be aware that driving when cognitively distracted can be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. Types of cognitive distraction One of the most common […]