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Products Liability Archives

What are manufacturers' responsibilities to report defects?

When manufacturers know that products are defective, they may need to report it to the Consumer Product Safety Commission without delay. This is not a choice or something done out of good will, but a legal obligation. Failure to do so can put consumers at risk.

The 3 main types of defects

There are many types of defects that can impact individual products, but most of them are going to fall into three main categories. It is important to know what these categories are when considering a lawsuit. Remember that more than one defect could be present at the same time. The categories are as follows:

Lawsuit says EOS lip balm causes rashes and blisters

A lip balm manufacturer called EOS has come under fire lately, as a new lawsuit claims that there can be negative health impacts to using the product. A woman is claiming that she experienced blisters and a rash when she put the product on, and it was so bad that she had to go get medical help.

Food poisoning could lead to a product liability case

If you get food poisoning, it can be horrible. You could spend days feeling sick, you could miss work, and you may even need medical attention, depending on how bad things are. When it's all said and done, don't just chalk it up to bad luck and hope it doesn't happen again. You may have a product liability case on your hands.

Almost no one responds to a bed handle recall

For more than a decade, from 1994 to 2007, a type of bed handle was sold to assist the elderly and the disabled. It was made by a company called Bed Handles Inc., which sold about 113,000 of them. These were portable handles that can be moved and attached to the bed.

CPSC launches important 'Anchor It' safety campaign

When individuals become new parents, they generally develop a heightened sense of awareness when it comes to safety hazards. When surveying their home, the houses of loved ones and other frequented surroundings, they begin to see any number of safety hazards which could compromise their vulnerable infant, toddler or child's safety.

Flooring distributor pulls laminate flooring from shelves

Wood floors are all the rage for many people either constructing or remodeling their home. While some property owners opt for the real thing, others choose instead to go with a laminate version. This is appealing to many because it is low maintenance and resilient. Some people who purchased their laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators may now wish that they had gone with real wood. That type of flooring that was made in China has been pulled from its stores. The reason is that there are fears that the product is unsafe.

Plaintiff awarded $2.3 million in product liability lawsuit

Medications are supposed to treat illnesses and help patients achieve a higher quality of life. However, there are times when medications can actually cause more medical problems for patients in Illinois. This seems to have been what happened to one patient recently who recently prevailed in a product liability lawsuit.

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