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An overview of Illinois workers' compensation system

All employed workers in Illinois are covered by the state's workers compensation system, but very few members of this group understands how the system works. While the workers' compensation system is complex and often requires legal assistance, the basic structure of the system can be grasped by almost anyone.

Plant explosion kills three

Industrial explosions pose a serious risk for workers whose jobs require them to handle or mix volatile chemicals. Occasionally, an explosion will occur in a plant that uses chemicals that are generally regarded as non-volatile and non-explosive. Such an accident occurred in an Illinois plant operated by AB Specialty Silicones factory north of Chicago.

What is the going and coming rule for a workers' comp claim?

Depending on where an Illinois resident lives they may have a significant workday commute. Individuals who live near their places of enjoyment may not understand the grind that many individuals take on just to get from their homes to their offices each and every day. Depending on factors like distance, weather, and traffic, it can take a Peoria resident hours each day just to get to where they are employed to do their job.

What should a worker do after suffering an on-the-job injury?

Accidents happen everywhere, but when they occur at work individuals may have the right to recover compensation for their losses. In Illinois, hurt workers may be able to secure financial support through workers' compensation claims when their injuries are suffered while they are doing their jobs. This post offers some guidance on steps workers may want to take after getting hurt on-the-job but should not be substituted for individual legal guidance.

Workplace hazards: Questions about electrocution

Coming into direct contact with an electrified wire can result in catastrophic injuries and death. For this reason, it's vital that all Illinois workers understand a few things about the basics of electricity -- especially if they work in the construction industry or in some other job where electrocution risks are high.

A denied workers' compensation claim may be appealed

After a workplace injury, it can be hard for a person to imagine jumping back into their job. They may need time to recover from the harm that they sustained and they may need financial help to get through their period of healing. In such cases, Illinois residents may choose to file for workers' compensation benefits to get back on their feet and ready to work.

Hurt on the job? Know your options for compensation

Accidents and injuries are relatively common in the lives of Illinois residents. They may suffer from moments of clumsiness that leave them with minor injuries or they may be involved in serious incidents like vehicle accidents that threaten their future health. When accidents happen while individuals are performing their job duties, they may have to leave work and seek medical treatment for their injuries. Depending upon how severe the injuries are, the victim may be unable to return to work for days or even weeks.

Caterpillar plant has deadly workplace accident

Many Peoria area residents work at the Caterpillar plant or another manufacturing plant. Manufacturing jobs are usually good jobs that offer good pay and benefits. Although they can require hard work, it is often done in a safe environment. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and an injured employee may wonder about workers' compensation.

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