Commercial Vehicle Accidents

What are the dangers associated with driving an overloaded truck?

October 1, 2021

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Throughout Illinois, you’ll find many large trucks transporting goods. It can feel dangerous to drive near these large vehicles. Unfortunately, it’s even more dangerous when these large trucks get overloaded. Here are a few of the dangers associated with overloaded trucks. Difficult to drive When someone is driving an overloaded vehicle, it can provide a […]

Freeport basketball team in accident returning from game

March 14, 2018

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Saturday night, after the Highland Community College basketball team took on North Dakota State College of Science, they were returning to Freeport when their bus was involved in an accident injuring nine players. The accident occurred around 6:45 p.m., in Wright County on Interstate 94. They were traveling east in a Coach bus when apparently […]

Black ice causes fatal accidents

February 13, 2018

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Black ice is one of the most dangerous weather hazards Illinois drivers face in the winter. When this type of weather is in the forecast, those who can stay in and off the roads should do so, and trusting your life to commercial drivers is not a good idea either. Just a couple of weeks […]

Woman killed when car is hit by train

December 19, 2017

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

In Melrose Park, this past Friday, Dec. 15, a freight train struck a car and pushed it about four blocks. The car was traveling near North 19th Avenue and Main Street when the driver decided to circumvent the crossing gates by going around them. The vehicle ended up near South 15th and Railroad Avenue. Unfortunately, […]

Could you be part of a truck accident? Unfortunately, yes

November 17, 2017

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Although no one wants to think about being part of a truck accident, there could come a point when you find yourself in this very position. There are many causes of these accidents, which makes it a challenge to remain safe on the road. While you can do your best to follow the rules of […]

Commercial truck companies likely to sue car drivers

September 13, 2017

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Commercial trucks and other large commercial vehicles can be very intimidating when driving alongside one a highway. This intimidation that a car driver may feel when passing one by is for good reason: they can cause a great deal of damage and because of their sheer weight and force, can be fatally dangerous. Because of […]

3 things to do if you’re struck by a bus while walking

June 30, 2017

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

As horrible and reckless as it sounds, there are times when a pedestrian is struck by a commercial vehicle, such as a bus. If you ever find yourself in this situation, there are three things you need to do: — Call for police and an ambulance. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may […]

Illinois commercial vehicle accidents and black boxes

May 22, 2017

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

You probably already know all about how “black box” data can aid in airplane accident investigations. What you might not know is that all types of vehicles have similar black boxes. Most modern commercial vehicles have at least some type of device to record electronic data. The actual moniker used to refer to these computerized […]

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

April 26, 2017

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Commercial drivers face significant pressure to make timely deliveries in areas with heavy traffic, often during the busiest times. For the drivers of commercial vehicles as well as other drivers on the road, this can increase the risk of motor vehicle accidents and serious personal injuries. If you have been in an accident with a […]

Illinois commercial vehicle checks revealed multiple violations

April 12, 2017

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Police officials in Illinois have more reason to fear commercial vehicle accidents than many other people do. Several years ago, they lost one of their own in a commercial vehicle accident involving a tractor-trailer. In honor of their fallen brother, the state troopers now conduct a 24-hour crackdown on commercial vehicles every year. It is […]